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Levis 507

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Levis 507 - Benefits & Values

Levis 507 slim boot cut denim is the one style that fits most if not all the criteria in the mind of most shoppers of denim jeans. Shopping for jeans is a trick and an experience one should enjoy and yet be careful.

Any fit or style can change your look completely as well as do or undo the comfort factor. Any denim risks the comfort factor because of the heavy fabric and this is something that one should have in mind while shopping for denims.

The cut, fit and the other factors like the stretch or fall of the fabric, its co-ordination with one's own dressing style and accessories etc make up for the main pointers in mind while shopping for a denim.

Also, a style that makes one look cool and classy is what is in every shoppers mind.


Levis 507 Comeback

Recently Levis has re launched a favorite style of jeans that went "missing in action" some years back. The reason for the cut or style being discontinued remains unknown.

However, it has only added to the demand and the Levis patrons pledge by its cut and comfort and the disappointed fans are clearly over the moon at the decision of the brand to bring back its glorified Levis 507.

It's been a while since any man expressed his love for boot cut denim and Levis has just leveraged on that fact and decided on a comeback. This gave way for the re- release of the much awaited these slim boot cut jeans.

To the fans the arrival of this cut means a new start to a much more comfortable and much more accurate fit. Some claim that this is the only style that fits them perfectly well as any jean should fit a man.

Levis, always known for the Down to earth style and cut have lately started to cater to a broader male market and this is clearly demonstrated by these jeans.

This cut and style have led to the concept of "metro sexual" and male "wardrobe clothing".

The popularity of this style and the excitement expressed by the comeback is synonymous to the way Levis decided to bring it back to the market. This is clearly proved by the idea line behind the launch of this style.

Levis cleverly measured the interest of the fans towards this style and raised a viral campaign online and vote for their favorite styles that they would like to see back in the market. No doubt, this bootleg cut topped the viral marketing campaign and thus paved the way for the re launch.

Months of Campaigning

The re-birth is the result of months of campaigning and since then no turning back for the style.

In fact, of all the styles that were nominated by fans, Levis made a smart move to re produce this style because of its popularity, the scope to creatively improvise on its basic style and its feature fit and cut that well resembles any of the other styles that were nominated in a way or two.

Been in the market for couple of years now and this style hasn't still lost its charm and vogue. What makes it look amazing is the various washes that have been introduced to give it more style and look.

The Perfect Fit

The boot cut denim, with a great cut, fit and finish can definitely be a rival to any designer companies. They fit perfectly for any body-frame and even the shortest or the most-lankiest can rest assured that they would have a perfect fit over their waist and legs.

This cut makes one look cool and so much better than the regular straight cut styles one is used to most times. The feel of the denim, the fit and cut is definitely a killer. They don't resemble a boot leg but rather sit nicely and comfortably over the shoes.

The Stretch Factor

Another factor that people usually notice while they wear them is the stretch factor. Sometimes the stretch can make a jean look funny or divert its look from an authentic feel.

Here, the designers have given just about the right amount of stretch that makes it feel comfortable. The stretch gives a different feel and yet doesn't take away the feel of a classic jean by masking the stretch appropriately.

Various Washes

The highlight in the slim boot cut is the various washes introduced. Implementing washes in denim is a critical technique and this style comes with cool washes as if in the folds and gives it a great stylish look.

The varieties of washes only mean that one wouldn't restrict to one denim but go for an entire range to make a mini Levis denim wardrobe.

Various Colors

They also come in various colors and shades thus making up for more reasons to buy numerous numbers in the same style. The earlier version had only a couple of main colors but the re-launched version has many more choices to go for.

The boot cut is so comfortably designed it conveniently sits on the leg and goes well with any kind of footwear – athletic, flip flops, boots etc. This style also goes well with any t shirt, casual button up shirt, polo etc.

There is actually no end to teaming this style with footwear, shirts and accessories etc. This suits any occasion from a casual outing, luncheons, dinner dates, get-together, travelling, parties etc.

Casual Yet Classy Cool Look

In general this gives a slim look to the one who wears it and in fact gives a casual yet classy cool look. This when teamed with appropriate shirt wear and accessories can help any man fit into any occasion, crowd or culture.

This range of Levis jeans are available in all Levis store's across continents, in all major shopping retail chains, major fashion boutiques and even online.


For anyone who wishes to have a makeover these are the best denims to go for. Various washes and colors make it more apt for anyone wanting to revamp their wardrobe as well.

This style also is an assured big time hit that wouldn't go out of style any soon. In fact this could well be one of those denims that are always in style and vogue.

Good fitting, perfectly styled, value for money Levis 507 slim boot-cut denims is a must for any individual using denims.